Your New Home Has Income Potential


Contemplating buying or building a home at White Pine and thinking about renting it for some extra income? BVR vacation rentals has you covered. BVR estimates that based on an average of 11 weeks of rentals, your four bedroom/three bath home could bring in as much as $45,000 a year when you are not using it.

BVR is one of the largest professional rental agencies in the area. BVR offers a turn-key program for owners which starts with guiding you through the process of preparing your home for rental, followed by a marketing program which reaches virtually every potential renter looking for a vacation experience in the region. The highly experienced management team uses the latest technology for reservations and secure money management, including handing taxes, deposits, and more. The team also delivers professional cleaning, facilitation of maintenance and guest services. It is all designed to maximize your income while giving you the peace of mind that your home is expertly cared for.

To learn more about BVR please visit their web page at: or call Christy Qualkenbush at 800.814.7501

Ryan Helling